Northern Ireland

PSNI warn of frozen lake dangers

Police are urging members of the public not to venture on to frozen lakes and ponds as freezing temperatures continue to grip Northern Ireland.

The warning comes after two teenagers were pictured on the River Erne in Enniskillen. The video shows a youth's leg breaking through the ice, while in another shot someone slips and falls over.

Police in Fermanagh confirmed they received reports of a number of teenagers out on the frozen river close to the Erneside Shopping Centre.

A police spokesman said: "Police cannot warn strongly enough of the danger of these kinds of venturing out onto frozen waterways.

"While ice can appear sturdy and able to support a person's weight, it can become very thin very quickly.

"The surface can easily crack, give way and individuals can fall through. Were this to happen, the chances of rescue or survival would be minimal."

Police also encouraged parents to remind their children about the dangers posed by frozen rivers and lakes.