Man castrates neighbour's 'pestering' pet dog

Declan O'Doherty
Image caption,
Rusty the dog was castrated: Picture: Declan Doherty

A Donegal man who castrated his neighbour's pet terrier after it tried to mate with his pedigree dogs has been fined more than 700 euro.

Eddie Flood, 43, from Carnasaull in Termon, tightened a lamb ring on to the testicles of Frank McGettigan's pet, Rusty, a Lettterkenny court heard.

The dog became sick and lethargic and his owner noticed that he had lost his testicles.

Flood's solicitor said Rusty was a pest to female dogs and "no dog was safe".

The judge asked if wandering males around Termon were safe from Flood.

Flood said Rusty was allowed to roam freely and he had been forced to remove him from his house more than 20 times.

He used a set of pliers to put a rubber lambing ring, which is normally used to cut the tails off lambs, on the dog.

After a few days Rusty became unwell and lethargic, and his owner then noticed he had lost his testicles. Mr McGettigan said he was distraught when he had discovered what had happened to Rusty.

He mentioned the incident to Flood who denied having anything to do with the attack.

'Common procedure'

In September 2009 an inspector from the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals asked Flood if he had put the lambing ring on the dog.

Flood's solicitor said the lambing ring was a common procedure used on lambs which did cause some discomfort. She said her client admitted the offence but said his three dogs had been pestered by the terrier.

She said Flood, who had a pedigree border collie, had to lock his dogs in a shed because Rusty had constantly tried to interfere with them.

He also claimed his children had become frightened of Rusty, a claim Rusty's owner denied.

Mr McGettigan said he had been forced to give Rusty away because he feared for his safety. He said he also spent more than 200 euro on vet fees.

Flood was fined 230 euro for the vet bills and ordered to pay 500 euro compensation.

The case was adjourned until March to see if the compensation has been paid to Mr McGettigan.