Donegal County Council 'running short of salt'


Donegal County Council is to reduce the amount of salt it spreads on the county's roads in order to preserve stocks.

A shortage of road salt nationally means that only a third of roads on the county's national maintenance plan will be treated until reserves are replenished.

The chairperson of the council's roads committee, Padraig MacLochlainn, said the situation was a "crisis".

"We are down to a day's supply."

"We need about 400 tonnes of salt to cover the main strategic routes across Donegal, but the National Roads Authority has only provided us with 330 tonness.

"Only the really critical national roads will be salted, and the rest will be a sand and grit operation which is clearly not satisfactory.

"My message to drivers this weekend is to proceed with exceptional care.

"The main routes between Derry and Letterkenny, between Letterkenny and Strabane, and between Derry and Buncrana will be salted, but if you're going into the more rural routes, drive with extreme care."