Two petrol bombs thrown at house

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Two devices were thrown inside the house

There has been a petrol bomb attack on a house in Lisburn.

Two devices were thrown into the kitchen of the house at Finch Gardens in Pond Park shortly before 0400 GMT on Thursday but only one of them ignited.

It caused minor scorch damage to the kitchen floor.

A mother and her two children, a 10-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy, were inside at the time but were not hurt.

DUP Councillor and MLA for the area Paul Givan said he was afraid something like this would happen because some people living in the estate had wanted the family out of the area.

"That fear was expressed to me by local people who didn't want others to step in and take action and they came to me expressing that fear that individuals would take the law into their own hands and they didn't want that," Mr Givan said.


"I met with the PSNI district commander a number of weeks ago about it and the police have been on many occasions in this area trying to ensure that there is a peaceful environment.

"So the police were aware of the problems, they were aware there was a potential threat and it is to my regret that it has now manifested itself last night."

The family had left the house while an investigation is carried out.

Police say two men and a woman were seen in the area around the time of the attack.

Alliance assembly member Trevor Lunn said people were "sick of the type of individuals who are involved in this thuggery".

He added: "A petrol bomb is a lethal weapon, just as much as an explosive device, with the same capacity to cause death.

"Is that really what the perpetrators want, to kill children?"