Department for Regional Development

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The Department of Regional Development is responsible for the Roads Service

Budget for 2010/11: Recurrent spending £517m Capital spending £556m

Projections for the next four years: The budget projects that by 2014/15, the day-to-day spending budget will have fallen to £454m, a drop of 12%.

It says that capital spending will fall significantly in the next couple of years before showing a slight rise on this year's figure by 2014/15.

Possible impact: The department, with its major focus on infrastructure, could be particularly badly hit by the reduction in capital investment cash available.

The minister, Conor Murphy, has said that the Roads Service will have to deal with a tight budget, making it more difficult to implement everything it wants to do, for example, minor road alterations and traffic calming measures.

The weather can cause a problem for this department. Mr Murphy said it normally costs Roads Service about £5m to fund its winter gritting programme but that has significantly shot up because of the recent severe winters.