McCoy's Christmas Day diet

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Tony McCoy said he does not mind having a "frugal Christmas dinner".

It is the one day of the year when most people ditch the diet in favour of extra turkey, lashings of gravy, and several servings of Christmas pudding.

But Tony McCoy will be enjoying an altogether more modest festive feast.

The champion jockey from Moneyglass in County Antrim has revealed he will consume just 597 calories on Christmas Day.

In layman's terms that is three thinly-sliced pieces of turkey breast, one spoonful of cabbage, three Brussels sprouts and a splash of gravy.

And instead of raising a glass of mulled wine with his friends and family, Tony will make a toast with a small glass of lemonade.


The reason behind the jockey's meagre meal is so he can race at Kempton Park on Boxing Day. Tony must keep his weight down to 10st 10lbs and therefore has to forfeit the traditional Christmas Day treats.

He said: "I never mind having a frugal Christmas dinner as I'm always looking forward to some great rides on Boxing Day.

"What I do enjoy is seeing Mick Fitzgerald and Carl Llewellyn loosening their belts before they struggle home.

"I just can't imagine bursting out of my clothes like those two do."

The former jockeys will join Tony and his family at their home in Lambourn, Berkshire for Christmas dinner.

Most people consume up to 6,000 calories on 25 December - triple the recommended daily amount.

But Tony will be eating less than African cattle herders, who consume around 800 calories a day.

He will start the day with a cup of tea with skimmed milk and two slices of toast with margarine and jam.

The 5ft 10in Grand National winner will then take a hot bath for up to an hour to sweat out up to 4lb.

After midday mass Tony and his family will tuck into dinner, before he takes another bath and heads to bed.