Woman jailed for stabbing partner in Omagh

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Aneta Sadowska was jailed for four years

A woman who stabbed her partner to death at their home in Omagh two years ago has been jailed for four years for manslaughter.

Aneta Sadowska, who is originally from Poland, will also serve three years on probation when she is released.

Her trial heard the couple had been drinking heavily after the christening of their son, when tensions surfaced over her partner losing his job.

The stabbing happened at Hospital Road, Omagh, in December 2008.

Doctors said Sadowska was "suffering from a mental abnormality" at the time.

The prosecution had, on the basis of two psychiatric reports accepted her manslaughter plea on the grounds of diminished responsibilty.

Enniskillen Crown Court judge, Mr Justice Hart, sitting in Belfast, said both Sadowska, 36, her partner, Marek Seweryn, 37, and his brother, who had travelled from Poland for the christening, were all "severely intoxicated" on the night of the stabbing.

Sadowska, he said, had initially gone to bed, but Mr Seweryn had woken her and insisted that she come and join him and his brother Jacek, "in their drinking".

The court heard the events surrounding the actual stabbing were to "some extent unclear", although the couple had been "arguing for some hours prior to his death".

Mr Justice Hart said that in the immediate aftermath, Sadowska gave a number of differing accounts of what happened and even told a Polish neighbour that "she just wanted to scare him and that he had put his hands up towards her".

However, he added that the "evidence is consistent with a drunken argument having taken place between the defendant and the deceased over some hours, and during the course of that drunken argument each inflicted violence upon the other".

Mr Justice Hart said it was "at the conclusion of that argument the defendant stabbed the deceased three times, thereby causing his rapid death".