Belfast man 'tried to strangle wife with phone cord'

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A man tried to strangle his wife with a phone cord after she went to report an alleged attack on her, the High Court in Belfast heard on Monday.

Thomas Mongan is also accused of hitting her over the head with a beer bottle and attempting to hit her with a frying pan.

The 46-year-old, from White Rise, Belfast, denies charges of aggravated assault and making threats to kill.

The judge denied bail due to the risk of further offences being committed.

Mr Mongan also denies the charge of possessing fireworks without a licence.

A lawyer for the prosecution said Mr Mongan's wife told police in October that he was verbally abusive to her, and had grabbed her wrist and twisted it.

She claimed he struck her over the head with an empty beer bottle before trying to strike her with the pan.

'Strong case'

The court heard how the woman allegedly left and went to phone for help.

Mr Mongan was accused of following her, hanging up the call and then wrapping the cable round her neck in a bid to strangle her.

Police called to the couple's home discovered a box containing 10 rockets. Mr Mongan had no licence for the fireworks, the lawyer said.

A defence barrister argued that Mr Mongan's relationship with his wife would probably continue in future.

Refusing bail, Mr Justice Hart held there was a strong case that the accused had assaulted the alleged victim.