Case against carer dropped at Lisburn court

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Video footage which is said to show Ms Young eating the pensioner's food.

The case against a woman who pleaded guilty to ill treating a pensioner has been dropped - on the day she was due to be sentenced.

A new case against Patricia Young, 54, of Mandeville Avenue in Lisburn, has begun on the same charges.

Relatives of Ivy McCluskey, 70, were in tears at Lisburn Court after they were told Ms Young would not be sentenced.

The family claim this is down to a technicality. The Public Prosecution Service would not confirm this.

A spokeswoman nominated by the family said they were "very disappointed".

"The case is now null and void.

"Today is the first day of the case all over again and I have absolutely no idea where this leaves the family or who is responsible for making a mistake like this."

The Court Service confirmed that the Public Prosecution Service are no longer proceeding with the case.

A spokesperson for the Public Prosecution Service would only say that the defence had raised a legal issue about the validity of the proceedings.

Last month, Ms Young pleaded guilty to ill treating the pensioner who was in her care.

Ivy McCluskey could not speak, suffered from Alzheimers Disease and was suffering the effects of a stroke. She has since died.

Relatives of Ivy McCluskey have been attending Lisburn Court for the last six months.

Tuesday was supposed to be the last day. However they have been told that the whole process has to start again from the beginning.

The new case against Patricia Young has been adjourned for three weeks' time.

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