Conservatives seek NI campaign centre manager

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The successful candidate will be responsible for the day to day running of the campaign centre in NI.

The Conservative Party is seeking to appoint a campaign centre manager to help establish and manage a new campaigning facility in NI.

The party formed an alliance with the Ulster Unionist Party in 2008 and put forward joint candidates in the European and general election.

Candidates stood under the banner, Ulster Conservative and Unionist New Force (UCUNF).

No UCUNF candidate was elected in the 2010 general election.

The pact was also damaged when the UUP's only MP, Lady Sylvia Hermon resigned from the party before the general election.

Separate candidates

She was re-elected as the Independent MP for North Down.

A review followed and while relations remain friendly, separate candidates are being fielded in the local government elections.

It was agreed however that if elected, Conservatives and Ulster Unionists will cooperate on councils.

The chairman of the Conservative Party in Northern Ireland, Irwin Armstrong resigned in December when he learned that the party had decided not to field candidates in the Stormont elections, complaining of a lack of consultation.

He announced in February that he would remain in his post despite tendering his earlier resignation.

The new campaign centre manager will report to the Conservative Party's deputy director of campaigning (based in Conservative Campaign HQ in London) and work with the area executive and NI associations.

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