Derry striker fears for Libya

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Derry City striker, Eamon Zayed, who plays international football for Libya

Derry City Football Club striker, Eamon Zayed, who plays international football for Libya, has said he is concerned for the safety of his family who live in Tripoli.

Colonel Gaddafi's regime is under pressure amid protests in the Libyan capital against his 42 years of rule.

Human Rights Watch says hundreds have been killed by Libyan state security forces in the last four days.

Mr Zayed said he is afraid more will die if the protests continue.

" My dad's family are all in Tripoli and according to him the state forces opened fire on people from a helicopter," he said.

"I'm sure it will hard for them to stay out of the protests. I know the police over there are quite strict, the don't hold back.

"If the protests continue there will be a lot more deaths, which is unfortunate.

"It can be a scary place, I thought people there would be too scared to protest but they have."

The European Union says it's co-ordinating efforts to evacuate EU citizens.

The UK's Foreign Secretary, William Hague, said the Libyan authorities had a duty to ensure foreigners were safe.