Trust pays company £30k to meet x-rays targets

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Consultants at Craigavon Area Hospital raised concerns over outpatient appointments

The Southern Health Trust is paying a private company about £30,000 to ensure x-rays are being read within an acceptable time frame.

The Trust's Chief Executive, told the Health Committee, it was necessary until extra funding was available.

About 1,000 plain film, simplistic x-rays are being read by doctors from outside NI.

Last week, it emerged consultants in the trust were concerned over x-ray procedures.

A whistle blower told the BBC that doctors working in the Craigavon Area hospital were concerned about patient safety because consultant radiologists were not viewing all x-rays.

The Southern Health Trust has assured the public that the hospital was safe and that some procedures had changed.

Trust chief executive, Mairead McAlinden, revealed they were having to use a private company to ensure some diagnoses were being delivered on time.

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