Northern Ireland

Paramedic left shaken after alleged attack by patient

A paramedic has been left badly shaken after the person he had been called to help allegedly tried to attack him in south Armagh.

The ambulance man had to leave the scene, after a man threatening to self-harm, then allegedly threatened him with a knife.

The man was taken by police to Daisy Hill Hospital with injuries to his arms.

He was later arrested and will appear at Newry Magistrates Court on 23 March.

He has been charged with threats to kill, common assault and possession of an offensive weapon.

John McPoland from the NI Ambulance Service said all staff get special training to deal with cases like this.

"Hopefully it's a situation that won't happen again but front line crews in the Ambulance Service have all received care and responsibility training," he said.

"It is a module that teaches them how to recognise volatile situations and whilst they are there to try and treat the patient, it's important that they do look after themselves in the first instance, to be in a position to treat the patient when they need it.

"Thankfully on this occasion, the paramedic realised that he was in danger and stepped outside very quickly."

The Ambulance Service received a call at 2140 GMT on Monday to attend a house on the Foughilletra Road.

Mr McPoland said staff are aware that their job can come with some risk.