Eglinton woman is fined after dog attack on warden


A County Londonderry woman has been fined £500 after her dog mauled a council dog warden leaving him with wounds requiring 28 stitches.

The Japanese Akita dog inflicted bites to the foot, leg and forearm of warden Malachy Duddy.

Caroline Corr of Glenrandel Road, Eglinton, was convicted of being in charge of the dog.

Eighteen month-old Reben, bred from a German Shepherd, was on a lead at the time of the attack.

Mr Duddy described how the dog bit through his steel-toecapped shoe.

"The dog got me to the ground and bit my left arm and pulled part of my forearm skin off," he said.

"After the attack blood was dripping from my forearm."

Ms Corr was also ordered to pay costs of £206 when she contested the case brought against her under the Dogs Order by Derry City Council.

The warden had called at Miss Corr's home to remove the dog at her request as it had become too big for her to look after.

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