Northern Ireland

First three-legged calf 'in living memory' in Raphoe

The first three-legged calf in "living memory" has been born in Raphoe, in County Donegal.

The shorthorn cross, known as Paul, was born on the farm of the Vance family who have farmed in the Momeen area for well over 200 years.

It weighed over 50 kg at birth and is said to be healthy.

"It is the first time we've ever had a three-legged animal born in these parts," Kenneth Vance said.

"It is not that unusual to hear of abnormalities but this is different.

"Apart from the fact the calf has three legs it is healthy enough and is feeding all right.

"We're going to give it a chance anyway of surviving."

He said his children had nicknamed the calf "Paul" after an alien in a recent comedy film.

"We'll probably keep him as a pet for the kids," he said.

Gerard Roarty, Principal Veterinary Surgeon at the Donegal Animal Hospital based in Letterkenny, said the birth of a three legged calf was extremely unusual.

"It would be at least one in a ten thousand event," he said.