Fermanagh parent concerned over alleged paedophile


A parent of children who attend a school in Fermanagh where a man who is believed to be a convicted paedophile was seen outside said it was worrying.

"Last Thursday a note was sent home in a sealed envelope. It said there was someone lurking at the school gates at home time," the parent said.

St Comgall's High School also alerted police after reports of a man outside its buildings and nearby St Ronan's PS.

The parent, whose children attend St Ronan's, said many people felt shocked.

"When the letters were sent out there was an initial sense of panic," she said.

"I immediately knew who they were talking about, but there was a lot of speculation and questions.

"As the week went on the name emerged - I would say he is quite well known, over the last few years that person had served a prison term and is back living locally.


"It is a small village and the police should be doing more, obviously parents are very cautious and they need to be."

Earlier this week the two schools sent letters to parents after reports that a man believed to be a convicted sex offender was seen outside.

A different parent claimed to have seen the individual outside the school on more than one occasion.

Police said they were aware of reports of suspicious activity and were liaising with the school to ensure child safety.

"A community safety officer as part of the ongoing community liaison with the school gave advice on internet safety and stranger danger," a PSNI spokesperson added.

The story was first reported in the Impartial Reporter, a local newspaper based in the county.