Northern Ireland

'Low arrest and charge rates' for paramilitary attacks

Just 4% of assaults known as "paramilitary style attacks" have ended up with arrests being made and charges being brought police statistics have revealed.

The information was obtained through a Freedom of Information request by local website Faircop.

Run by the charity, Public Achievement, it looks at crime and policing in relation to young people.

Police said they are working with communities to end the violence.

In a statement they said: "Those who are involved in paramilitary style attacks do not represent the interests of any community nor contribute anything to it," the statement continued.

"Communities have a choice, and it is clear that the vast majority of people here have chosen to support the police and support law and order.

"Those small groups of individuals who continue to try and terrorise people and commit criminal acts must be isolated from communities.

"We are confident that we have the resources available and that every right minded member of society will continue to work with us, to give us the information we need to put these people out of business and make Northern Ireland a safer place."

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