Northern Ireland

Lurgan woman hits armed robber with handbag

A woman in her 60s who fought off a mugger who put a knife to her throat has been describing her ordeal.

It happened in Lurgan when she was grabbed from behind by a young man who threatened her and demanded her bag.

The woman, who wants to remain anonymous, said she started hitting him with the bag after the strap broke.

"I must have hit him two or three times and then he lifted his hand and he had a knife and I started to get very very frightened," she said.

"I started to shout for help and he must have thought someone was coming along the path because he stopped and turned round and as he did that I ran and I just kept on running.

"He set out to do this, he had the knife, and he saw me coming with the bag and he knew what he was doing," she continued.


"I noticed the fella on the other side of the road and as he approached me he zipped his jacket right up - which was odd because it was a warm day.

"He then walked past me and I turned into the shortcut and at first I didn't hear anything but I could suddenly feel someone behind me I turned round and I was looking straight at him," she said.

"He grabbed the bag and put the knife right up to my forehead and he kept jabbing it saying give me the bag and I told him 'there is nothing in the bag that is worth what you are doing'."

"Then the bag strap broke and we both fell over and I started to hit him with the bag.

"I never thought I would ever fought back, but it was an automatic reaction, instinct took over."