Bomb found in Belfast university area

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There have been a series of alerts in greater Belfast on Friday following the discovery of a pipe bomb in the university area.

Students and families left their homes overnight after the Army carried out a controlled explosion on the device in an alley off Eblana Street.

Three people arrested on Friday over dissident republican activity in greater Belfast have now been released.

Two men, aged 36 and 44, are still being questioned.

BBC Northern Ireland reporter Conor Macauley talked to a number of people who witnessed the security operation.

"What appears to have happened is a silver taxi was stopped by police and a couple of men were dragged out of it, another was seen lying handcuffed in the street," he said.

"They were put in white forensic overalls and taken into custody."

The Alliance Party's Naomi Long said the device was close to the party's headquarters.

"The bomb found near our party headquarters was also adjacent to a residential area," she said.

"Not only did it cause disruption to those who live nearby, but those responsible for it showed utter disregard for the lives of local people."