Northern Ireland

Police warn public over government money scam

Police are warning people to be wary of phone calls from strangers claiming the government owes them a large amount of money.

The scammers pretend they are from a government department and offer help to reclaim this cash.

Callers are told they must give their bank account details first before the money can be repaid.

Police said the public should never give out personal details over the phone to unsolicited callers.

Paul Givan, chairman of the Stormont justice committee, said: "These people that are doing this are trying to give some kind of credibility to these scams by saying that they're working for the ministry for justice.

"Clearly that's not the case and it's important that people who get these calls don't take it seriously, don't hand over any of their bank account details and that they contact the police immediately."

The police said if anyone is unsure of a caller, or feel that something is not right, they should ask for details to ascertain their identity.

If they are still unsure about them then they should contact the company or business to check if the call is genuine.

Legitimate companies will not mind calling back.

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