Christmas decorations 'led to bail breach'


A man charged with controlling prostitution and keeping a brothel was remanded into custody on Saturday after breaching bail conditions while helping put up Christmas decorations.

Lyle Lamont, 22, from Squire's Hill Crescent in Belfast, had his bail application adjourned at Belfast Magistrates Court.

The judge said that he could help with the jail's decorations instead.

The bail application was adjourned until Monday.

A police officer told the court that police received a call from Mr Lamont's mother who reported that he had been drinking alcohol and was being aggressive towards her.

When police arrived, they spotted a mobile phone sitting beside Mr Lamont on the sofa, breaching another bail condition.

His solicitor revealed that Mr Lamont had been helping his mother put up their festive decorations and the pair had been drinking when an argument ensued but that she would be "happy to have him home".