NI Court Service apologises over list blunder


The NI Court Service has apologised to a leading supplier of cement after a court list wrongly showed the firm was the subject of a winding-up petition.

A winding-up petition is usually filed against a company by its creditors as a last resort to get payment.

If a petition is granted, the firm is put out of business.

In an online court list displayed on 17 November, Cemex (NI) Ltd was wrongly shown as the subject of a winding-up petition.

In fact, Cemex had filed the petition against another company which owed it money.

In a statement on its website the Courts Service said: "Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunal Service notes that as a result of an administrative error, Cemex (NI) Ltd was incorrectly shown as the subject of a winding-up petition in the Court of Judicature list displayed online on 17 November 2011 when they were, in fact, the petitioner.

"We apologise for any embarrassment this may have caused."

Cemex (NI) has an annual turnover of around £14m.

It is part of an Ireland-wide business which is ultimately owned by a Mexican firm.