Northern Ireland politicians 'jumpy' with Alex Salmond

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Media captionScottish First Minister Alex Salmond explained to Mark Devenport the issues around potential independence

Alex Salmond reckons the Westminster politicians have been behaving like bullies.

Nick Clegg tells the Scottish First Minister not to get so "jumpy".

All rather more exciting than the average British Irish gathering, but is it of any consequence to people in Northern Ireland?

Peter Robinson thinks so. At Friday's British Irish summit he talked about the "clear implications" of the Scottish referendum debate for the future of the UK, its "massive interest" to unionists and the hundreds of years of close bonds between Ulster Scots on either side of the North Channel.

There will be more from Mr Robinson on this score on Sunday's BBC Radio Ulster "Inside Politics".

But in the meantime here's a brief interview in which Alex Salmond gives his take on the repercussions of Scottish independence for Northern Ireland.

The first minister talks about "devo max" and whether the focus on Scottish fiscal autonomy could hamper Stormont's desire to gain control over local corporation tax.