Northern Ireland

Nurse who stole from Londonderry pensioners jailed for eight months

A 37-year-old German nurse convicted of stealing more than £5,000 from two pensioners' bank accounts, has been jailed for eight months.

Iris Wild of Chapel Road, Londonderry, was convicted at the city's magistrates court of 26 theft offences between October 2010 and last November.

Wild, who moved to Northern Ireland six years ago, was said to be in denial despite her convictions.

The judge said that, although a first time offender, she showed no remorse.

District Judge Barney McElholm said Wild also refused to cooperate with probation officers following her convictions.

However, he granted a defence application to release Wild on appeal bail of £750.

As part of her bail conditions, she must inform any prospective employer of her convictions and she must not leave Northern Ireland.

One of her victims was the veteran civil rights activist Fionbarr O Dochartaigh.