Northern Ireland

Police warn Derry fight being organised on internet

The police have asked schools in Londonderry to warn pupils not to become involved in fights organised on the internet.

They said they feared that a fight was being arranged for this weekend.

Earlier in April, an innocent bystander was injured near a fight organised through social media in Derry.

Chief Inspector Gary Eaton said there was potential for serious injury and urged schools and parents to stop young people becoming involved.

"This particular event is being organised around the city centre on Friday and is said to involve schools throughout the city," he said.

"I would like to appeal to parents , schools, community groups, anyone involved with young people, to make them aware of the dangers associated with this type of behaviour, and get young people to understand that these situations can escalate.

"As we know from previous incidents, you can get caught up in serious injury, you can find yourself being arrested and the consequences of that for you and your immediate family are just disastrous."

He said people should remember that one punch could wreck a life or ruin a family.