Northern Ireland

Madams Bank Road in Derry opens after £1.67m improvement

The Madams Bank Road in Londonderry has opened after £1.67m improvement work.

The road has been strengthened and widened to four lanes to increase its capacity.

A 3.25 metre-wide footway and cycle track has been added on each side of the road from Culmore Road to Earhart Park.

From Earhart Park to Ballyarnett Roundabout, a two metre-wide footway has been provided on each side of the road.

There is a link to the established cycle track which runs along the base of the embankment.

Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy said: "This scheme will further improve travelling conditions for the people of the north west and complements the £2.75m Culmore Road roundabout scheme which I opened in October 2011.

"The road is a key part of the North Western Key Transport Corridor connecting Belfast to Londonderry City and on to Donegal."