Northern Ireland

19 year old admits sex offences

A 19 year old man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was placed on the sex offenders register when he pleaded guilty at Londonderry Crown Court to sexually abusing a primary school girl.

The defendant was to have gone on trial for the offences but this afternoon his barrister asked for him to be re-arraigned.

The defendant then pleaded guilty to two charges of intentionally touching a female child in a sexual manner and guilty to one charge of indecently assaulting the girl.

He committed the offences between April 2005 and May 2011.

Judge Gordon Care ordered the jury to find the defendant guilty of the three charges by confession.

He also ordered the jury to return verdicts of not guilty by direction of one charge of rape and of one charge of attempted sexual assault.

The defendant then signed the sex offenders register and was remanded in custody until 7 June for sentencing following the preparation of pre-sentence and victim impact reports.