Northern Ireland

Fermanagh man out of hospital after Huddersfield attack

A county Fermanagh man has been released from hospital 11 days after he was attacked in Huddersfield.

Fearghal Cross, a keen GAA player, was walking home alone from a night out when he was assaulted.

The product design student was beaten up and believed to have been shot in the neck with an air rifle.

The attack left Fearghal with a fractured skull and some bleeding on his brain.

Speaking to Radio Ulster's Talkback, he said:

"I remember shots being fired but I don't remember exactly how I was attacked.

"I was told afterwards there were some marks on my neck where I was shot with some kind of air rifle," said Fearghal Cross.

He also said he was still having difficulties as a result of the attack.

"I'm getting quite bad headaches and I'm on strong painkillers. For the first couple of days I didn't have any energy and I took a while to come round.

"I'm still slightly dizzy, I wouldn't be completely stable on my feet. I think it'll take a while," said Fearghal.

Two men aged 16 and 31 arrested in connection with the attack were granted bail pending further inquiries.

Fearghal's father Fionnbarr Cross said "the result could have been so much worse."

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