Recep Cetin's father charged with Graham, Dinsmore murders

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Turkish police gathered at crime scene
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The victims were stabbed in a wooded area near Izmir

The father of a Turkish man accused of killing two County Down women on holiday last August has been charged with their murder.

Eyup Cetin is the father of 22-year-old Recep Cetin who is accused of stabbing his girlfriend's mother and her friend.

Marion Graham and Cathy Dinsmore, both in their 50s, were murdered in a wood near the city of Izmir in August 2011.

The elder Cetin was taken into custody several months ago.

Baris Kaska, the lawyer for the Graham and Dinsmore families, said: "DNA traces were found on a shoe belonging to one of the victims - two distinct DNA profiles, of two people who are genetically related.

"So DNA confirms there were definitely two men at the crime scene."

Last month, bone tests revealed that Recep Cetin was five years older than he claimed - 22, not 17 as he told police.

It is still to be decided whether he will face an adult court.

Mr Cetin was the boyfriend of Shannon Graham, Marion Graham's 15-year-old daughter.

Ms Graham and Ms Dinsmore were on holiday in Kusadasi, about 100km from Izmir.

Shannon was on a boat trip when the killings happened. She alerted police when she arrived home and could not get in touch with her mother.