Northern Ireland

Martin Corey seeks to attend brother's funeral

A High Court judge has asked the prison service to reconsider its decision not to allow a convicted double murderer to attend the funeral of his brother.

Martin Corey, 61, is serving life for the murder of two RUC officers in 1973.

He was released in 1992 but sent back to prison in 2010 on the basis of "closed material."

Mr Justice Weatherup compared the case to that of loyalist Andre Shoukri, who was allowed out to go to his brother Ihab's funeral in November 2010.

Corey's brother's funeral is taking place on Thursday.

The republican, who is from Lurgan, was released on licence in 1992, having served 19 years behind bars for the police officers' murders.

In April 2010, Secretary of State Shaun Woodward ordered his recall

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