Northern Ireland

Antrim home of PUP's Ken Wilkinson targeted

The police are investigating a fire at the home of Ken Wilkinson, the spokesman for the Progressive Unionist Party in Antrim.

It was reported that a car was driven up against his house at Dunsilly Terrace and set alight at 00:55 BST on Monday.

Mr Wilkinson said he was alerted by a neighbour who saw the car on fire.

He said it was the third attack on his house in 18 months.


"It is nothing more and nothing less than attempted murder, as far as I'm concerned," he said.

"I saw flames outside and thought my car had been set on fire, so by the time I got outside, I saw that there was another vehicle which was well alight.

"Only for the promptness of my neighbour things could have been much worse.

"By the time the Fire Service came and the fire was put out, we'd realised that the car was loaded with car tyres and a gas cylinder put inside."

Mr Wilkinson said those behind the attack had shown no regard for human life.

"There are two other apartments beside me and also a B&B which people were staying in last night," he said.

"When I'm looking at it today, I'm looking at my own car burnt out, the other car burnt out, and damage to the front of my house."

Police have appealed for information.

Image caption Ken Wilkinson said a neighbour raised the alarm

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