Met Eireann issues heavy rain weather warning

Met Eireann has issued a weather warning for parts of the Republic of Ireland.

Meteorologist Gerald Fleming said the forecast was for "a month's rain in two days".

Munster and Connacht are expected be the worst affected with up to 60mm of rainfall expected.

There is a risk of flooding in these areas. In Leinster and Ulster, between 30mm and 50mm of rain is forecast to fall.

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) is advising motorists to drive with care.

The RSA warns there will be excess water on the roads and flooding in places.

RSA chief executive Noel Brett said the recent dry weather could make roads extra hazardous, following a build-up of rubber and oil deposits combined with rainwater can increase the risk of skidding.

'Heavy rain'

"The kind of things people need to be aware of are spray from other vehicles, particularly when you are driving close to or overtaking buses and large vehicles," he said.

"You need to keep well back from those vehicles, so you're not blinded by spray.

"The other issue then we face, after this reasonable period of fine weather, is the build-up of rubber, oil and grime on the road and when we get heavy rain like is forecast, that actually makes roads very, very greasy and very, very grimy and the risks of skidding in these kind of conditions are significantly increased."

The Irish coastguard also warned that a combination of tides, high winds and swollen rivers may lead to dangerous conditions.

It is urging people not to cross fast running rivers or floodwater fords and to be aware of hazards in urban areas including submerged manholes and downed power lines.

People are also advised to keep away from the shoreline and avoid watersports.

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