Northern Ireland

Derry golfer celebrates two holes-in-one in same round

A Londonderry golfer is celebrating after achieving not one, but two holes-in-one in the same round in Greencastle, County Donegal.

Gerry Guckian was playing a competition in the open week at the club when he scored a hole-in-one on the ninth hole followed by another two holes later.

He said it was just a normal day of golf.

"I wasn't playing particularly well. I was playing with my brother and two friends."

Gerry said that he had never heard of it happening before.

"I was concentrating on the match.

"I first thought the ball was sitting beside the hole but as we approached it dropped into the hole.

"There was great excitement at that time, which was doubled when I did exactly the same two holes later," he said.

"I did not win the competition, despite the two holes-in-one, which perhaps shows the quality of my golf," he said.