Northern Ireland

Gaskin brothers 'meant to hurt, not kill, Seamus Holland

A man accused of murdering his uncle told police he and his brother only intended to "hurt him," not kill him.

Brothers Gerard Patrick Gaskin, 30, and Daniel Bernard Gaskin, 22, deny murdering 55-year-old Seamus Holland.

A tape recording of an interview police had with Gerard Gaskin was played to Belfast Crown Court on Monday.

He admitted taking an iron bar with him when he and his younger brother went to the Upton Court home of their uncle in the early hours of November 21 2010.

Gerard Gaskin claimed the brothers, both from Gortnamona Way in west Belfast, "went down there to hurt him because of what he did to our mother" but maintained that his death was not something they intended.

"If I wanted to murder him I would've took a knife with me and stuck it in him," he said.

"I went down there to hurt him, only to hurt him, not to kill him - I'm not a murderer."

The jury have already heard the brothers decided to "beat him up" in revenge for an alleged attack he committed on their mother

The three men and nine women have also heard how Mr Holland had 85 injuries, or sites of injuries on his body, including fractured ribs, arms, nose and leg, a shattered shoulder blade, as well as a knife wound and a dozen deep puncture type injuries which could have been caused "by a nail".

He died in hospital later that day.

The trial was previously told that although an ambulance arrived at his home just before 6am, it took an hour for him to arrive at the A&E department of the RVH and a further 22 minutes before his case was "handed over" to medical staff there.

The Crown case is that his death was brought about as a direct result of the attack he suffered but the defence contend that he would have survived if he had been treated sooner.

On Monday, the jury heard Gerard Gaskin describe how there was "pushing" in the kitchen before he hit Mr Holland on the leg with the bar and that he was beaten when he was on the floor.

They also heard in later interviews the elder Gaskin refused to answer police questions, replying "no comment" to questions and suggestions put to him.

The trial continues.