Northern Ireland

Strabane burglar was jammed in doorframe

A would-be robber who was caught at the scene of the crime after his arm was jammed into a door frame by a relative of the householders, has been jailed.

Simon Timoney, from Patrick Street, Strabane, was restrained by the son-in-law of the house-owners using a door until the police arrived.

He was jailed for six years after admitting attempted robbery, aggravated burglary and common assault.

The incident happened at a house at Row Mill Road in Limavady in October 2010.

Judge Piers Grant said the daughter of the couple who owned the home was tied up with cable and Timoney's masked accomplice had threatened to break the bones of the four family members starting with their fingers unless they gave information about their house safe.

Judge Grant told Londonderry Crown Court the events had a significant impact on the family.

The couple's disabled son has given up his place in school and the daughter suffers ongoing psychological problems.

He said while Timoney was not the prime mover in the break-in he had ample opportunity to stop and leave.