Northern Ireland

Youths cheered as couple attacked on Racecourse Road, Derry

A 64-year-old man is recovering in hospital after he and his wife were attacked by youths outside their home in Londonderry on Wednesday night.

One of the victims said other youths cheered as the couple were assaulted outside their house on the Racecourse Road.

Jack Doherty has three cracked ribs, plus arm, head, and back injuries.

His 63-year-old wife Margaret suffered neck injuries after being grabbed by the throat.

"The boy grabbed me by the throat, pulled me by the throat, threw me down to the ground and I heard the cheers from the rest of the boys," Mrs Doherty said.

"As I was getting up I heard an awful thud and I looked around and my husband was on the ground.

"I got him up and he was bleeding from his arm and his head was all swollen and there was a gash on his head."