Northern Ireland

Enniskillen man charged with raping woman after offering her a lift

A man has appeared in court charged with raping a 53-year-old woman in Enniskillen during the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Robert Samuel Morton, of Bayview Close, Tamlaght, Enniskillen, is accused of attacking the woman near Tempo after giving her lift to work in his van.

A special sitting of Omagh Magistrate's Court was told the alleged rape took place after the accused turned the van off the road near a small forest.

The 59-year-old denies the charge.


Outlining the case, a detective sergeant told the court that the pair had not met before Mr Morton stopped to offer her a lift.

The officer said that a woman who lives close to the scene of the alleged attack heard screams for help and alerted her husband.

Her husband drove past the forest where he noticed a van. He turned his vehicle around and drove back towards the van where he then saw the alleged victim, who was shaking uncontrollably.

The detective sergeant said he believed he could connect the accused with the rape charge.

In reply to questions from a defence solicitor, the officer confirmed that Mr Morton had denied the charge throughout seven police interviews.


He said the accused had told police that he stopped to give a person a lift, but as he drove along the road he began to have concerns for his own safety and that his vehicle might be taken.

He said that decided to pull in at the forest as he was afraid. The person then got out of his van and walked towards another vehicle.

The judge refused an application for bail and Mr Morton was remanded in custody

He is due to appear at Fermanagh Magistrate Court by video link on 10 September.