Andrew Allen murder: brother leaves Londonderry after death threat

The brother of Andrew Allen, who was murdered by the group Republican Action Against Drugs, has left Londonderry because of a death threat.

Daniel Allen's mother, Donna Smith, said he was told he had to leave the city by Wednesday or he would be shot.

Ms Smith said she believed Andrew's killers were responsible for the latest threat.

She said Daniel was being targeted because her family removed graffiti and spoke out about the murder.

Ms Smith told BBC Radio Foyle she was informed about the death threat on Monday, and was warned that her son had 48 hours to get out of Derry.

'Ripped apart'

She said the police also visited Daniel on Monday evening to tell him that a death threat had been received.

"To be honest there was just no words to describe how I was feeling. Already, my heart's been ripped apart and now to think that another son - the same thing could happen to another son," Ms Smith said.

Andrew Allen, a father of two from the Top of the Hill area of Derry, was murdered by the group Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD) at the age of 24.

He was killed in front of his girlfriend at the home they shared in Buncrana, County Donegal on 9 February.

Three men went up to the house in Links View Park and shot him through a bedroom window.

He was one of several men who were forced out of Derry by republican vigilantes last year.

Following his murder, a number of protest rallies were held in the city and the family were vocal in their condemnation of RAAD.

Ms Smith said her family were "not even given time to grieve for Andrew".


"Daniel is scared too - of course he's scared. He's seen what they've done to his brother and obviously he doesn't want that to happen to him.

"He has three young children himself and he's left because of that reason, he doesn't want the family to go through this horrific thing again."

She explained that the family had recently removed graffiti which had appeared near their home at Top of the Hill and she wondered if that had prompted the death threat.

"Maybe I'm wrong but this is what I'm thinking - maybe they are trying to intimidate us some way from keeping quiet," Ms Smith said.

However, she vowed she would not stop campaigning until her son's killers were convicted.

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