Northern Ireland

Ian Paisley calls on PM to campaign for the Union

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Media captionIan Paisley Jr: "There are record levels of support for the British Union"

The North Antrim MP, Ian Paisley, has called on the prime minister to campaign for the Union.

Speaking in Westminster, the DUP MP said he hoped that after David Cameron's trip to Edinburgh to agree the Scottish referendum question he would continue to support the maintenance of the United Kingdom.

Ian Paisley said he hoped the referendum vote would be decisive.

He said he hoped it would mean SNP MPs would remain at Westminster.

In response, Mr Cameron said he was pleased a single question had been agreed.

He said he would continue to champion the merits of the Union and he welcomed the cross party support for the UK staying together.

The prime minister said he always wanted "to share a platform with Ian Paisley" adding: "Maybe I will get my chance".