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BBC NI 2012 news quiz - London Olympic and Paralympic Games

As 2012 draws to a close, BBC News Online looks back at a spectacular Olympic summer and asks, 'Do you remember that?'

NI news quiz - London 2012 Games

The success of local athletes at this year's Olympic and Paralympic Games helped to brighten Northern Ireland's summer. Test yourself with our London 2012 quiz.

Team Ireland and Team GB athletes

1.) Bringing home the bling

Athletes from Northern Ireland won a total of 12 medals at the Olympics and Paralympics. How many of each colour did they win?

Jason Smyth
  1. Six gold medals, three silver and three bronze
  2. Five gold medals, two silver, and five bronze
  3. Three gold medals, three silver and six bronze

2.) No place to hide

Where does Coleraine rower, Richard Chambers, store his silver Olympic medal for safekeeping?

Richard and Peter Chambers
  1. In a safety deposit box
  2. In his pocket
  3. In his pants drawer

3.) Tears of joy

Alan Campbell's emotional bronze medal win was one of the the golden moments of the Olympics, but what did he claim gave him the edge over his competitors?

Alan Campbell cries during medal presentation ceremony
  1. His mum's home cooking
  2. Training on Christmas Day
  3. His former Army career

4.) Michael the Magnificient

Glengormley athlete Michael McKillop took double gold on the track in London, but in which two distances did he claim victory?

Michael McKillop with gold medal
  1. 100m and 200m
  2. 400m and 800m
  3. 800m and 1,500m

5.) NI's golden girl

County Down swimmer Bethany Firth was NI's youngest Paralympian, but when did she take up her sport?

Bethany Firth with medal
  1. Three months before the London 2012 Games
  2. Three years before the London 2012 Games
  3. At the age of three

6.) A woman of many talents

County Wicklow boxer Katie Taylor fought her way to gold in the ring, but in which other male-dominated sport has she represented Ireland?

Katie Taylor
  1. Rugby
  2. Soccer
  3. Motor racing

7.) NI's greatest Olympian

London 2012 ambassador Dame Mary Peters competed in three Olympic Games but when did she win the Women's Pentathlon?

Mary Peters
  1. 1968
  2. 1972
  3. 1976

8.) Paddy's Twitter bout

Piers Morgan tweeted an offer to donate 1,000 when boxing fans sang the UK national anthem, but what did boxer Paddy Barnes advise him to do with his money instead?

Michael Conlon and Paddy Barnes
  1. Get a facelift
  2. Get a hair transplant
  3. Get liposuction

9.) Town versus country

The County Londonderry town of Coleraine produced three Olympic medallists. Which of these European countries did it beat on the 2012 medal table?

The Chambers brothers and Alan Campbell
  1. Belgium
  2. Portugal
  3. Finland


  1. The correct answer is 2. All five golds were won by NI's Paralympic stars; Jason Smyth, Michael McKillop and Bethany Firth. The Olympic silver medals were won by Coleraine rowers, Richard and Peter Chambers.
  2. The correct answer is his pants drawer. He made the confession during an interview for the BBC's Good Morning Ulster programme as he gave a rowing masterclass to pupils from his old school, Coleraine Academical Institution,
  3. The answer is 2. Alan said he would be listening to Christmas music before his final, to remind him of the sacrifices he made along the way to the medal podium.
  4. The answer is 3. The middle distance runner was also presented with a special award by the International Paralympic Committee for being the male athlete who best exemplified the spirit of the London Paralympics.
  5. The answer is 2. Asked how she felt about winning gold in a sport that she had only recently taken up competitively, she said: "I didn't really like water before, but I like it now."
  6. The answer is 2. Katie doubles up as a soccer player and for a time she was a regular in the Irish women's national side.
  7. The answer is 2. Dame Mary celebrated the 40th anniversary of her 1972 victory at a star-studded event in Belfast in September, and said her gold medal "still shines" four decades later.
  8. The answer is a facelift. When Morgan offered to split the cash with the Belfast boxer, saying they "could both do" with the surgery, Barnes declined, saying that his Chinese opponent might give him a facelift for free!
  9. The answer is Portugal which won one medal. The Coleraine area, which has a population of just under 57,000, equalled the medal tally of Belgium and Finland which each won three.

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