Northern Ireland

Mark Begley broke brother's shoulder in assault

A Londonderry man who assaulted his brother and left him with a broken shoulder has been told that this had better be his last court appearance.

The man's brother told police that after a sharp blow to the back of his head, he fell and broke his shoulder.

The incident happened in the city centre on 17 March.

Mark Begley, 29, of Rathlin Drive in Derry, admitted being involved in the assault. Begley was sentenced to 220 hours community service.

Defence barrister Seamus McNeill said there was a degree of animosity between the brothers and added that his client would argue there had been a previous incident.

He said that his client did not intend to inflict the degree of harm that he did.

Passing sentence, district Judge Barney McElholm said that, although the damage caused was "very serious", he accepted that Begley had not intended to inflict such a "devastating injury".