Northern Ireland

Londonderry man threatened to kill disabled son

A man who threatened to kill his eight-year-old severely disabled son and himself has been jailed for 10 months at Londonderry Magistrate's Court.

Emmett Paul Gillen, 30, admitted committing the offences at his Cornshell Fields home under the influence of alcohol and methadrone.

The prosecution said he made 10 calls to the police. He threatened to kill his son and take his own life.

The PSNI's armed response unit rushed to the scene.

Following a brief standoff, during which Gillen continued to hold his son hostage, the officers arrested him.

Five months later, when he was on bail for offences, Gillen attempted to flee the jurisdiction by buying a plane ticket at City of Derry airport.

When there he became aggressive to staff. The police were called and he assaulted four officers.

A defence barrister said that Gillen's partner died almost two years before the hostage incident.

During the period he said Gillen became unable to cope with the demands of being the sole carer for his severely disabled son.