Aldergrove: security around airport stepped up for G8

image captionThe Lough Erne resort will be sealed off while world leaders hold the G8 economic summit

Police are stepping up security around Belfast International Airport in the run-up to the G8 summit in Fermanagh.

They warned that security would be tight between 14 and 19 June as many of the G8 world leaders and their delegations will use the airport.

Ch Supt Henry Irvine: "As we approach 17 June this operation will intensify and the visible police presence will increase further."

He said there would be more searches and police checkpoints.

He said people should make more time for their journeys in the Antrim area, especially people planning to travel from the airport or those who have critical medical appointments.

"It is our aim that throughout the security operation the community, businesses and motorists should be able to go about their daily lives as normally as possible, however in order to make this happen we need people to work along with us by heeding the advice given," Ch Supt Irvine said.

"We have been meeting with local residents and landowners over the past number of weeks and we have written to many more to advise of the possible implications for them linked to the security operation."

People across Northern Ireland are encouraged to stay informed and up to date by following PSNIG8 on Facebook or @PSNIG8 on Twitter.

"We are also aware that previous G8 summits have attracted protesters and we would assure people that the potential for this has been factored into police planning. Everyone has the right to peacefully protest and police will endeavour to facilitate that right where possible providing protesters remain within the law," he said.

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