Queen's University to close campus on G8 summit weekend

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Queen's University says it will close its campus on the weekend of the G8 summit

Queen's University in Belfast has said it will close its campus on the weekend of the G8 summit in County Fermanagh.

It says the campus will be closed from 1800 BST on Friday, 14 June to close of business on Sunday, 16 June.

Queen's said its plans take into account "potential disruption" associated with demonstrations in Belfast city centre and an event in Botanic Gardens.

The university will open as normal on Monday, 17 June.

The Ulster Museum, which is in Botanic Gardens, is staying open over the weekend.

The G8 summit at the Lough Erne resort will bring together the leaders of the US, UK, Canada, Russia, Germany, Italy, France and Japan.

This will be the first time the summit has been hosted in the UK since it was held at Gleneagles in Scotland in 2005.

It will be the biggest policing operation in Northern Ireland's history.

In a statement on Tuesday, the PSNI said it had been been advising businesses and organisations in Belfast of the potential for traffic disruption in the city centre and south Belfast area on Saturday 15 June, "due to a number of planned events and a notified march".

It said it had "not advised any business, organisation or educational establishment to close".