Northern Ireland

Status Quo in ultimate tribute to Derry band

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Media captionA Status Quo tribute band playing in Londonderry got the shock of their lives when two members of the real band showed up.

One of their songs is called Break The Rules and Status Quo did just that when they dropped in on a tribute band playing their music in a Londonderry bar.

Two members of Quo attended the gig on Friday night.

One of them, bass player John "Rhino" Edwards, who has been with Status Quo for almost 30 years, happily posed for photographs for starstruck fans.

Then to the delight of everyone present he got up on stage and played the song Paper Plane with the tribute band.

Kiefer Gallagher, a member of the Derry group, known as The Matchstickmen, said it was a weekend he will never forget.

"I realised what was happening when our bass player handed him (John Edwards) his guitar and I thought 'he is going to play with us', I couldn't believe it," he said.

Kiefer also got the chance to meet Status Quo in their hotel before they played at the Venue in Derry as part of UK City of Culture.