Northern Ireland

Judge rules cage fighter can remove tag to defend title

An All-Ireland champion cage fighter has been granted permission to have his electronic tag removed to enable him to defend his title next month.

Steven Henderson from Tiger Court, Antrim, was charged with drugs and driving offences last December.

The wearing of a tag was one of several bail conditions imposed on the 36-year-old.

The judge warned Mr Henderson that the tag would be re-imposed if he breached other bail conditions.

Applying for the tag to be removed, a defence solicitor told deputy district judge Austin Kennedy that because punching and kicking were involved in cage fighting, the accused was finding it hugely difficult to properly train for the defence of his title because of the device.

He told Londonderry Magistrates' Court that last week during a sparring session his client had knocked out his partner because he was wearing the tag.

The judge granted the application to remove the tag to enable Mr Henderson to train for the defence of his 60 kg weight division title, but warned him it would be re-attached if he breached his other bail conditions.