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51 abortions performed in Northern Ireland

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Image caption The number of medical terminations increased by 16 over the previous year

The number of abortions carried out in Northern Ireland has increased with 51 terminations performed in local hospitals last year.

According to figures published by the Department of Health, that was an increase of 16 over the previous year.

The South Eastern Health Trust carried out the highest number of terminations. A majority of the women were aged over 30.

However, 14 women were aged 24 and under.

According to the department the abortions were performed within legally acceptable and medically approved conditions.

Unlike the rest of the UK abortion is only allowed in very restricted circumstances in Northern Ireland.

Abortions can be carried out in NI only to preserve the life of the mother or if continuing the pregnancy would have other serious, permanent physical or mental health effects.

There is strict assessment regarding any impact on mental well-being and the woman must consult with two clinicians.

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