Northern Ireland

Hyponatraemia: Report into NI deaths delayed until May

The final report of the hyponatraemia inquiry into the deaths of five children across hospitals in Northern Ireland has been delayed, the tribunal's chairman has said.

Mr Justice O'Hara said he had hoped to publish the report this month, but it will now be delayed until at least May.

He said it was because he had received extensive written submissions in recent weeks.

He added that it was "a necessary and time-consuming process".

Mr Justice O'Hara said this was on top of "the huge number of transcripts, witness and expert statements which have to be cross-referenced".

The inquiry has been examining the deaths of three children in hospitals in Northern Ireland, the events following the death of another and a number of issues arising from the death of a fifth child.

Hyponatraemia is the term for a low level of sodium in the bloodstream, which causes the brain cells to swell with too much water.

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