Northern Ireland

Sixth arrest over Larne violence

A house that was damaged in Knockdhu Park in Larne
Image caption Three houses were attacked and two people, including a police officer, were injured when a crowd of 100 loyalists took part in what the police described as a "rampage" in Larne last weekend

A 44-year-old man has been arrested in Larne by detectives investigating paramilitary disorder in the town on Sunday 30 March.

It is the sixth arrest over the trouble in the County Antrim town.

During the violence, a crowd of up to 100 people, many of them masked, attacked police, residents and homes. Police have blamed a faction of the loyalist UDA.

Two other men, aged 32 and 41, are still being questioned.

Two other men have been released unconditionally, while a 22-year-old woman was released pending a report to the Public Prosecution Service.

One man was seriously injured and a police officer suffered an eye wound during the violence.