Northern Ireland

Racist attacker throws faeces at man in east Belfast

Police are investigating a racist attack in which faeces was thrown at a Romanian man in Belfast.

He was cycling on the Newtownards Road in east Belfast at about 09:15 BST on Wednesday when the attack happened.

A man wearing dark clothing, who is not known to the victim, threw faeces at the cyclist and ran away.

The victim received hospital treatment after the assault and police said they are treating it as a hate crime.

The victim has been described as a busker who sits outside a local shop.

He is well known in the area and this is the second time he's been attacked in the last few months.

This incident happened outside St Patrick's Church of Ireland and was condemned by Reverend John Cunningham.

"I don't think there's any need for violence at any time," he said.

"I think perhaps the effect on the gentleman might be traumatic, may, obviously, disturb the man for some years to come and I think for other people, other immigrants, that's bound to be a problem in the back of their minds, unsettling.

"We have quite a few immigrants in this area."